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@shakrmedia/editor-sdk ShakrEditorOptions

ShakrEditorOptions interface

ShakrEditor constructor options interface

export interface ShakrEditorOptions 


access_tokenstringedit_token from Render Session API.
api_url?string(Optional) Target API URL used in Shakr Editor. Default value is ''.
boxoffice_url?string(Optional) Target URL for Box Office (Shakr internal service) Used to search media items from external media sources (e.g. Unsplash, Pexels, etc).
customizability?ShakrEditorCustomizabilityOptions(Optional) Options to control customizability in Shakr Editor. See ShakrEditorCustomizabilityOptions for details.
default_media_libraries?'enabled' | 'disabled'(Optional) Whether Shakr Editor should show Shakr-provided media libraries like Unsplash or Pexels. If not set, media libraries will show by default.
image?string(Optional) URL for the custom logo image used in Shakr Editor user interface.
language?'en' | 'ko' | 'ja'(Optional) Force Shakr Editor to display in a specific language. If not set, Shakr Editor will try to follow current browser's language. English(en), Korean(ko) and Japanese(ja) are supported.
media_libraries?ShakrEditorMediaLibrary[](Optional) SDK consumer provided media library configs. See ShakrEditorMediaLibrary for details.
render_session_id?string(Optional) id of the Render Session object from Render Session API.
show_id?string(Optional) id of the Show object from Show API.
theme?ShakrEditorTheme(Optional) Theme setting options for Shakr Editor. See ShakrEditorTheme for details.
wait_rendering?boolean(Optional) Whether Shakr Editor should wait till the video is rendered and return a rendered video url via 'finish' event after user finishes the editing session