With Shakr API and Shakr Editor SDK, you can add Shakr's state-of-the-art video production technology to your website or service.

Shakr Developers provides step-by-step guides to integrate Shakr into your services. You can find various integration methods depending on your service type, and sample codes for easier integration. Power your video-based services easily and quickly with Shakr's video technology.

Subscription required

You can start using the API and the Editor SDK by subscribing to Shakr Beyond. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Quick start guide#

Let's learn how to start with the integration process of Shakr technology, starting with getting a server access token for the initial verification, two methods of creating videos, and utilizing videos created using each method.

1. Get a server access token#

To begin creating videos, you'll need an access token for the server. This document introduces a method to acquire access tokens using OAuth2.

2. Choose a creative template#

Before creating videos, you have to choose creative templates that will determine a video's structure and style. You can either search for custom templates uploaded by your coworkers or choose one from hundreds of templates provided by Shakr Template Library.

3-1. Create videos with API#

With Shakr API, you can bypass the editor and directly enter text and media assets to create videos automatically.

3-2. Create videos with Editor SDK#

With Shakr Editor SDK, you can embed Shakr Editor to your web services, enabling your customers to enter text and media assets to create videos on their own.