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@shakrmedia/editor-sdk ShakrEditorMediaLibrary

ShakrEditorMediaLibrary interface

SDK consumer provided media library config

export interface ShakrEditorMediaLibrary 


custom_ui?boolean(Optional) Whether this media library uses custom user interface or not. When a user selected this media library in Shakr Editor, ShakrEditor instance will emit 'get_media' event with this flag false and emit 'open_media_library' event with this flag true. Assumes false if this flag is not given.
idstringUnique identifier used by 'get_media' event and 'open_media_library' event in order to distinguish a specific media library among multiple libraries provided by consumer.
media_type'image' | 'video' | 'audio' | 'font'Type of the media items that this media library provides.
titlestringTitle of the library. This is the text that will be shown in the Shakr Editor user interface.