You can specify additional parameter when calling POST /v2/render_sessions to retrieve video files to your object storage automatically. Shakr listens until video rendering is done, and handles uploading of the final output. This eliminates the need to use our webhooks or polling endpoints manually; you can simply use AWS SNS, GCP's Object Change Notification, or Azure's Blob storage events to react when video is ready.

Credentials required to access each storage services are stored in Shakr system and encrypted twice, and decrypted on upload.

Request Example#

Create a new key called external_uploads as an array, and create a new object inside it that specifies location with to key.

"title": "My Video 20200717-163600-01",
"render": "preview",
"external_uploads": [
{ "to": "s3://shakr_bucket/any/prefix/here/video.mp4" },
{ "to": "wasbs://" }
"mapping": {