Amazon S3

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You can use Automated Video Delivery to transfer video to any Amazon S3 bucket belongs to your AWS account, or your AWS account have access to. To get started, contact our customer success team to register your AWS credential to your application.

Once you have credential on file, you can construct to value to something similar to this:

  • Scheme should be s3 .
  • Replace <BUCKET_NAME> with the name of the bucket which want to use.
  • Replace path with the location which want to upload in the bucket.
  • This will be bound to region information you send alongside your S3/etc. credential.

Although we specify Content-Type metadata on upload, we strongly recommend appending .mp4 extension in the to key to avoid compatibility issues with browsers or clients.

Getting notified when video is uploaded#

Amazon S3 has a notification feature you can use to listen to various bucket events. You can subscribe to s3:ObjectCreated:* event to get notified when a new object(video from Shakr in this case) is created.

See also#

Or, you can subscribe to a webhook Shakr sends whenever external upload is finished. Learn more