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@shakrmedia/editor-sdk ShakrEditorGetMediaEvent

ShakrEditorGetMediaEvent interface

Event Object for 'get_media' event.

export interface ShakrEditorGetMediaEvent 


callback(res: { media_items: ShakrEditorMedia[]; page_total: number; }) => voidCallback function that should be called with the media search results and total page number. property of ShakrEditorMediaLibrary provided to ShakrEditor constructor option ShakrEditorOptions.media_libraries property. This can be used to distinguish which library has requested the media.
pagenumberPage number starts from 1 which is increased by 1 when a user clicks "Load More" button in Shakr Editor media library user interface.
search_termstringSearch text entered in Shakr Editor media library user interface. For the initial event that is for the full media list view, this property has an empty string value.