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Choose a creative template

Creative Templates decide structure and visual design of your videos. You can either choose one from Shakr Template Library or one of After Effects projects uploaded by your team's designer.

This document will introduce you to choosing a template from Shakr Template Library.

Template, TemplateStyle, TemplateStyleVersion

When using Shakr API, there are three resources that comprise a template.

  • Template: A group of TemplateStyle that share similar visual design and structure.
  • TemplateStyle: Unique unit of video used in Shakr. One Template can include many TemplateStyles with various display ratio(i.e. 4:5, 1:1, 9:16, etc) and various lengths(i.e. 15s, 30sec, etc).
  • TemplateStyleVersion: Individual version of TemplateStyle that comes with different languages.

To learn more about terminology and Shakr API's resource model, refer to Terminology.

Find Template and TemplateStyle ID

Template Library

Choose a template that you want from Shakr Template Library and copy its URL. You can obtain Template ID and TemplateStyle ID from it.

How to find video design ids

Structure of Template URL

The template URL shown above contains the following information.

TemplateStyle NameTemplate IDTemplateStyle IDTemplateStyleVersion Language

For the next step, you'll need TemplateStyle ID and TemplateStyleVersion Language.

Get TemplateStyleVersion ID

There can be various versions inside TemplateStyle, one version per each language. You need an ID of a version when you make an API call to create a video. This Template Style Version ID can be acquired by calling GET /v2/templates/:template_id/styles API endpoint and referring to version_ids key.

version_ids is comprised in key-value structure, and key and value represent language and TemplateStyleVersion ID of the said language, respectively.

curl '',
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-H 'Authorization: Bearer SERVER_ACCESS_TOKEN'
"styles": [
"id": "bEe1C8", // TemplateStyle ID
"name": {
"en": "Stories Poll"
"version_ids": {
"en": "6bzvun" // TemplateStyleVersion ID




Choose video creation method

If you chose a template and have TemplateStyleVersion ID handy, then it's time to make a video! There are two methods to create a video.

3-1. Create videos with API

With Shakr API, you can bypass the editor and create videos automatically by providing text and media assets directly to the API.

3-2. Create videos with Video Editor SDK

With Shakr Video Editor SDK, you can embed Shakr Editor to your web services, enabling your customers to enter text and media assets to create videos on their own.