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Creative Template

Creative Template ('Template') is a unit to define structure and visual style of the video. Template can be created either by your team's motion graphic designer, or can be created by Shakr's creative team based on your brand and objective of the video. You can also choose one of many templates from Shakr Template Library to easily get started.

You can learn more about creative template on Shakr Guide.

We'll go through different resources on Shakr API that comprise a template.


Template is a set of TemplateStyles that share the same visual design and structure. In Shakr Studio, it is referred as 'Creative Template'. As Template object only groups TemplateStyle and doesn't have any functionality, it contains basic metadata such as name, description, and tags.


TemplateStyle is a unique unit of video, and each TemplateStyle has different characteristics. In Shakr Studio, it is referred as 'Template Variations'. Every TemplateStyle inside Template can be different in many ways, such as media requirements(text only, image/video), aspect ratio(16:9, 4:5, 9:16, etc), duration(6/15/30 seconds, etc), structure(single product, multiple products, etc), objective(brand awareness, conversion, etc).


Each TemplateStyle will have one active TemplateStyleVersion per every language, as supporting different language can alter design elements such as fonts, alignment, line breaks. When designer updates TemplateStyle with new version, it will replace old TemplateStyleVersion and become a new active version.


Creative is a video output created from Creative Template. In Shakr Studio, you can create single video or create a batch video based on your data feed.


RenderSession refers to a single video created from API.