With Shakr Editor SDK, you can easily integrate Shakr's powerful video editor to your website or service. Also, you can add brand logo and customize various components of the editor based on your brand guideline.

To quickly get started with the integration, Please refer to Quickstart section and check each required steps. This documentation will help you to further explore on each features and frequently used patterns of the Editor SDK.

Editor SDK Guide#

Installing the Editor SDK#

Explore the ways of installing the Editor SDK.

Editor SDK flow#

Explore the overall flow of each video creation process upon the Editor SDK integration.

Handling events#

Explore the main events triggered in the ShakrEditor instance, and learn how to handle them.

Handling errors#

Explore various error events and its types triggered in the ShakrEditor instance.


Explore various customizable features of the editor to meet your brand's style guideline.

Custom Media Library#

Explore the ways to provide your own media (image/video) assets to your users within the editor.